24 August 2010

cared for

this morning i got a special surprise.. a care package arrived from highland baptist church! yeah- i love packages!! and especially this week with being older and the stress of my visa, it's nice to know there are people supporting me, praying for me, and caring. so here's a little look at all my goodies. in case you can't tell:
tom's of maine toothpaste (AWESOME)
ghirardelli choc chips and vanilla extract and measuring teaspoons (lost mine, so having these on a ring is perfect) (my flat mates are already eagerly awaiting the cookies)
bbq spice rub (just in time for the end of grill season!)
taco spice mix (hey, i'm texan, you know i love it)
dried mango (to remind me of the time in africa)
not one, but TWO good coffees.. one is sumatra, the other infused vanilla. and a vanilla coffee syrup for an extra shot!
chai tea and hot chocolate (w/ marshmellows of course) for cold afternoons or guests who don't like coffee (there apparently are such people out there.. i should know, i date one..)
and two beautiful blue and white mugs to serve it in.
reeses pb cups.. well.. disks.. they didnt survive the trip so well, but taste just as heavenly in their new form
brownie and cake and frosting mixes- i'm thinking to share the love with some of the people i work with and bake this for them.

doesn't this spread just make you want to go into missions? the only bad part is... i have to decide what to go try first!


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