05 August 2010

after stock

freakstock iis over and i am home again :-(
it was a very good time of seeing my german family again, other friends and making new ones..

especially cool was FINALLY getting mentors! i have had a couple in mind for 5 years that i kept baseing my search on.. i never thought to just ask them, though, because they live in austria. finally my friend said "so? mine live there too." and it hit me.. yeah, we can meet through skype! when i asked them, they laughed. no one had ever asked before. but when i explained to them why, they were quite happy and agreed. i can see this being a great thing.

in addition, this freakstoc was relaxing.. something about only working the 5 hours, and not trying to fit more work into the day.. and having a bed and warm shower... ahhhh.

but i still took in about as much as ever of the festival, if not less... i only went to the one seminar that i translated and the one i led. and the only concert i saw was my friend bens- because he dedicated a song to me. freakstock was all about conversations for me.

even the trip there and back was blessed- on the way, my driver gave me a 5e discount, and on the way home i rode with a security team member of the freaks.

my tank is full, my heart is joyus, forward!!


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