20 July 2010

cornelius and a call to faith

today i led the salvation army's Bible conversation group again. it's a group for people who are just getting in to the Bible. the passage was Acts 10 (and half of 11) about cornelius.. a rather long passage for this group. its an awesome text, though, because so many key elements are involved. there were 6 of us, and usually this groups (despite it's name) isn't easy to get to talk... but today they fought through the long text, answered my questions, asked their own, and we even had a passionate discussion about baptism. not to mention i had a sheet full of stuffed animals with me..... (if you want to know why, read the passage)

but the real key came at the end. we were talking about faith and coming to God, and i asked flat out, if each of them had already made their personal decision. and they answered (it had been rhetorical, but they didn't get that.. and opened up. also cool.) two immediatly answed that they have- one surprised me a bit because he is known as our skeptic, but what he said shows his heart is on the right place. then one said she isn't sure and will think about the question this week. and one, who i thought was surely on board (he helps out alot, even leading stuff sometimes) admitted that he has not made that decision and is fighting with some thoughts. (the other two are the intern and i, and yeah, we're committed to Jesus)

so this week, be especially in prayer for those two in their decision. maybe the angels will get to party soon!


At 20:57, Anonymous Arianne said...

Just wanted to let you know that you've been on my mind and i'm praying for you. I can't remember if I told you that my church in Harpenden was a Salvation Army!


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