02 November 2010

News on Visa

so.. pardon the lack of new posts.. ministry has been suffering a bit under the necessity of taking care of business. there is n point building up my project while my future is hanging by a thread...

for the uninitiated:
the german government has been giving me trouble about my visa since april, calling me in every few weeks and not renewing me. at my last appointment, they told me that they could only renew my visa if one of two things happens: i get a job (which until now i wasn't allowed to do) or get engaged... so now last week a letter came saying that they intend to deport me, and that i have until nov 10 to add any reason they shouldn't to my file. If not, then i have to leave by the 15th. *panik*

the current stance:
i have gotten a lot of legal advice from the friend of a friend in berlin (H), and am now taking a lawyer here in karlsruhe. The Jesus Freaks set up a Task Force (TF) of four people who are helping me structure my files and thoughts and plan a strategy. Because part of the test that the gov't sent me rejected my MTh program, I contacted the school (MBS) about an explanation of their curriculum that describes it as "comparative" to a German institute. MBS not only is writing such a document, they also have been brainstorming ways to help, like my TF. MBS called the gov't this morning to ask specific questions and find out what else they could do to help. MBS then wrote a letter on my behalf that i can send, and also structured the letter that i am supposed to send asking for a hearing (because, as MBS said it "we're better at legaleez") so that i just have to sign it and send it in. H has recommended that i get a lawyer (L) and that the best chance i have at this point is to get someone to offer me a job doing my ministry basically through their organisation and filtering my financial support, essentially giving my ministry a form that the gov't recognizes. the TF is talking to their contacts and one of my supporters has an organisation that does this type of thing (V) and they are considering the option. this option would mean that i need to raise my support level by about 400e in order to be paid what i am now (Germans have a lot of taxes). The TF is meeting again tonight, V is speaking to her contacts today, and my appointment with L on thursday. in addition, Z is considering the option of a limited financial "buergschaft"- basically a contract that he would be responsible if i got into a financial jam.

on the side i am cleaning out my junk and packing things i don't use regularly into the basement, so that if i should have to leave the country in two weeks my room would be in a state that it could be rented out for the time. if i did leave, i would most likely be going to switzerland to work with punks in zurich and continue to study there (MBS has a school there and i have contacts to a christians doing punk ministry). Or maybe i'd fly home for a few weeks first (M2M have made an offer of help).

life's busy.


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