01 January 2011

looking ahead.. 2011

This year saw a lot of unexciting things happen. I learned to sew. I started back to school on my MTh. I had massive troubles with my residence permit. I continued to have them. I finally established my financial support (thanks to all of you!!). I had some health issues redefine annoying. I got better medical insurance. I did as much as i could in Karlsruhe. And now, i am glad to be moving forward... I think 2011 will be quite different.... quite different indeed.

so, without further ado..

Goals for 2011


~move to Leipzig. Some of you might have heard whispers of this.. now i am making it official. Next week i will be going to Leipzig to look for an apartment. It is the culmination of several reasons, and i will post about the decision in more detail later on.

~make contact in the city with churches and organizations that are relevant for my type of ministry, establish what is already in place and what needs are still there.

~if it fits, (and i kinda think it will) establish the Open Living Room. If not, seek God for His new plan in the city.

~preach again!

~start Theater projects. If the camera is replaced, start film projects.

~Convoy 2011 (yeah! we are finally planning another convoy!!)

~maintain the financial support group.


~go to lots of Doctors and get all of my stuff checked and fixed and in good shape.

~live alone, Communal living is great, and i though i would always want it.. but i am tired, and just need my own 4 walls to come home to. This might pass, but for now, i just want some space where there aren't random people at all hours making noise and messes. Moving to Leipzig means i can find an apartment for the price i pay here for a single room in a shared flat.

~Studies... finish my NT courses and learn Hebrew. Be at least half finished with masters by end of 2011.

~visit Dallas.. it's been 2 years already.

~learn another big chunk of Bible verses.


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