10 August 2011

freakstock 2011: course for Jesus

convoy ended at freakstock, the Jesus freaks festival. we were there in time for the pre-pre-set-up. it was good to have a day off and a shower, do laundry, and get used to being in a larger group. convoy'd been like following jesus- just 12 or 13 of us at most times.

i worked as a translator/ helper for the foreign guests again. it was interesting to talk to people and see those that i see once a year. and i made some new friends, and am excited to see what will grow out of those... even met a lot of non-freaks from leipzig. one of my new friends MAY move to leipzig.. that'd be a real blessing, because we are on the same wavelength. i also found a few new people for the bible study i am starting and at least one who wants to come to drug counseling.

now i am back at leipzig.. getting back into the swing of normal.


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