22 March 2006


last night i came back from work at the drug counseling center around 10pm to the smell of BBQ in the entire house. odd. and for some reason, my throat began to swell a bit and my head to throb. stranger yet, all the doors and windows were left wide open- despite temperatures around freezing.
lilly then told me what happened.. the people who have recently rented the ground level shop had a fire (suspected arson) on the one day in weeks they havent been there building stuff. lilly was at work and heard the three firetrucks, two police cars, and an ambulance drive by and ber coworker even joked "see they are going to your apartment." yeah, they were.
aparently a passer-by had noticed the build-up of smoke in the ground level (behind the paper-covered windows) and had called the german version of 911 and then rung all the door bells and yelled up the stairs for everyone to leave the building.
thanks to this passer-by no one was hurt- but imagine it had been a few hours later, as we slept! the entire house (our apartment is directly over the fire) was full of thick gray smoke because of the slow stewing manner the fire strted,. it still smells like burnt BBQ, and we had the door to the balcony open all night. (man did i freeze- slept with my sweatshirt hood tied shut over my head..)
so a praise to God that the fire was in the day when we weren't there (the firemen had said we would have died from carbon monoxide poisoning had we not gotten out). its a bit scary staying in this apartment now, though.. especially lilly is worried what might happen with more fires and all.. its a very old building. we just need to get into our house soon!


At 05:37, Blogger Kelly said...

Apartment fires are one of my biggest fears. No one ever has control over what their neighbors do. Only God can safeguard us.

Of course, I like to remember that, if I were to die in my sleep from an apartment fire, I would merely see the events of my death in this order : 1.) Go to bed. 2.) Be in Heaven.

Likewise, the same would be true for either of you. It's the rest of the tenants in your building I would pity.

I don't think God has plans to call either of you home yet though. :-P I am glad of it though. You should be disappointed that you have not been deemed too precious to remain outside of His Heavenly presence yet!!! He still allows you to remain among us earthly people instead! lol

At 08:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a friend who dated an Apartment Fire in college. Terrible bad breath. We all wanted him to dump her, but she was hot.



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