10 August 2006


contrary to the first convoy i went on (2000), this one was based on relationships and spending time with the locals rather than crazy street theater. thats surprising, because it was set up to be like the freakass in berlin (two years ago) where we went wilder than wild in the nations capital, shocking people for the Lord. (anyone who missed that, i'd be happy to tell some stories)but this convoy we barely got out on the streets.. God kept sending us to specific people, and even to their homes.

upon arrival in plauen, the group was still pretty shy and kept either to themselves in the back of the bar, or met on the street to cook and eat. i really wanted to get in with the people, so i grabbed thommy (the carpenter in the picture) and we joined them. we didnt try to stear the conversation, but just let it take its course, and soon enough landed in a conversation where they were talking about how much they disliked christians and the church. hmm. so i spoke up, and said that christians can't be judged by the church, and God cannot be judged by christians. (and so on, i had alot to say) the girl listened thoughtfully and said ok, she'd accept that (i basically was agreeing with her, but taking the blame away from God) and that maybe it was too general to apply her nagative thoughts to all christians. we still hadn't said that we are christians.. unless my "sin kills" sweatshirt gave it away. but this opened the door to some more personal discussions on faith. at the end they envited us to go with them to the next place.

that night some of us were offered beds in the house, others slept in their campers or in the squatted building. the next morning we had "session" on the roof... (see pic) prayer with a vieew. we just hung around and talked to the others the rest of the week.


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