16 July 2006

no such thing as a free meal?

frido, one of the jesus freaks, called this afternoon to say he had several containers full of finely adorned bread pieces left over from a special musical event at the university. he asked if i would be willing to distribute them at the main station to some of the homeless. oh yeah! so i asked for volunteers at church and ended up with a very...colorful group. not the people i would expect, and definately not the usual suspects. a new member of the church with a slight physicle handicap, a regular guest with a slight mental handicap, and a first time guest joined me. none of them had ever "done this kind of thing" before... and just by the way they said it i was worried. so i stopped in a park on the way and gave them a few tips and answered some questions. things like to go in pairs to the people, not to give money, to be curtious, honest, friendly, and firm. oh i forgot, there was another boy with us up to then, a severly handicapped.. he decided that he wasnt going to come. despite the odd mix of a team, we had a good time and were able to have some good conversations. not bad for a first time out. mostly i told them who to approach and stayed nearby to jump in when it got past the "want some bread" to the questions and comments they werent prepared for. i knew maybe half of the people we approached. one good conversation i had was with a homeless guy who just got to bremen. he believes in Jesus, and i told him about our church.. maybe he'll come by. we also saw ralf (the one in a wheelchair) i hadnt seen him in awhile, so i was able to catch up with him and make plans to go out for a coffee this week. we still had food left over, so we took the train to viertel, the "cool" part of town.. also where the majority of the drug szene is.. there we were soon outta bread, but not before we shared with another (not homeless.. more of the professor type) man on the street. my team was a little overwhelmed when he started asking about the term freak and refering to plato. due to my liberal arts background, i was on the same page and was able to finish his sentence and then retort without batting an eye. he was baffeled and asked me to tell him more of what i believe. so, we had some fun.. i hope the guest, alexandra, wasnt scared off. she seemed pretty cool.


At 19:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on, catie! Just a way to show you that I know you from way back at high school. You are special and what you are doing for the Lord is the most! M of K.V.

At 02:39, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

hey mrs v. cool to hear from you. thanks for the encouragement!


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