10 July 2006


thats the style i used for my sermon on sunday. i mixed elements of spontaneous sermon with those adventure books most of you know from childhood. i created a powerpoint presentation with a story. instead of the paper kind where you turn to the page of your choice, i added link-buttons. it turned oout being more trouble than it was worth, i think. but a few others who, like me, have trouble listening to a long sermon found it helpful to have the creative touch and the story breaking up the sermon. i think i need to figure out a way to make it flow better if i ever use this style again (and it was too much trouble, so thats unlikely). in the story we were looking out for attributes of God that appear in Psalm 103. i am learning that one by heart right now, and challenged the church to do the same. i feel like there is just so much included in that psalm. i linked the psalm to alot of other parallel verses, so that the deep thinkers could have some fun (but i spared the church my beloved greek and hebrew definitions). i do have those parallel verses in englisch, if anyone wants to look into psalm 103, i can email the document (not the whole powerpoint though, its in german- but will be available online soon).

after church we played soccer... and i was our teams most valuable player.. crazy, i hadnt played any sport in over two years due to my back. its holding up nicely, and i am enjoying movement!


At 07:22, Anonymous grant said...

angela and i are praying for you.

At 20:31, Blogger Kelly said...

I used to sit aqround in church services and wonder how they could be made better. It drove me crazy to just sit there and listen to some old guy speak. I was a lot younger then, and I couldn't ever sit still. I never dreamed up a "Choose-your-own-adventure" sermon, but the creative way that you guys seem to approach church on Sundays always interests me. Maybe someday I will have the opportunity to see a Jesus Freaks sermon in action. I hope so!

At 05:14, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

the creative part is more me than anything else.. the others preach in a pretty standard manner. well, they use a language that isnt common in other churches, but thats it. its cool, though, since i have started challnging traditional style, i have been offered more opportunities to preach! hehe. funfun. i am also gaining in confidence. the first time i pretty much felt like hidding.
you could always have a jesus freak pastor at your wedding..... i think lilly would recommend paddy. i wouldnt, not for a wedding.. :-P


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