18 June 2006

the wedding party

this weekend was our first challenge in hospitatlity.. caro and ben had their church wedding on saturday and we hosted eight of their guests. in typical freak style, we only knew of three of them on friday morning. and only knew two personally- like eddie, our friendly freak carpenter.. he's on his three year "walz" moving from one town to another learning his trade.

friday evening i came home to find someone else already there, and three more contacted us later that evening. the challenge wasn't in finding enough space for them all (we have that!) it was in relating. that shocked me. once we got past the few misunderstandings and small annoyances that having total strangers in your home brings with it (like when they think things are their "right" or don't have everything we asked them to- like a sleepingbag) we had good conversation and a nice brunch sunday morning together. then i showed a few people around bremen. (despite the increadibe back pain) as "payment" we asked that they concider us in their prayers. we were especially blessed to see that they left donations in our little donations box- a whole 60e for the house, and wadded up together with a note that it is for me, another 30e! we already decided that the 60e will go to buying lightbulbs and fixtures for the remaining rooms (only half have light right now) and to hooking up the washingmachine. if there is anything left, we will get blinds for the basement bathroom (so the neihbors wont get the full picture!) and paint to renovate the guests apartment. the donation for me comes exactly right, because this weekend is a jesus freaks seminar in celle i want to go to and i need to pay my phone/internet bill this week. cool how the Lord comes through right when we need it.


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