09 May 2006

visa year denied

the news i have today is unexpected. we always say well, if its Gods' will, i will get the visa for another year. we all pray for it. we believe it will happen. and even though i don't meet all the requierments that the foreign service office set (ie my financial status isn't up to paar) we have faith... yesturday i was even able to register at the haus of hope- despite a long-going strike in the government offices, and the fact that my contract starts in june not may- and thought "hey this must be a sign." unfortunately, this morning, they denied me the one year visa extension.

however, they gave me a two yeear visa!! praise the Lord.


At 11:12, Blogger Kelly said...

you should really italicize or bold that last sentance. Something. Make it bigger, maybe?

At 11:27, Anonymous Leigh said...

I agree with Kelly--and CONGRATS!!!

At 19:45, Blogger Michael Tyas said...

Aww, you joker you!


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