17 April 2006

egg rolling and relaxing

easter weekend i spent at my good friend lillys parents house in the middle of nowhere.
it was really good to get away for a few days and be bored. no really, there was absolutely nothing to do, and that was good. oh, i whinned about it, but it was good.
i went there thursday without her knowing, it was her birthday and i had made plans with her family to surprise her. and then i stayed for easter weekend. they are really great people, and her mom really has the gift of hospitality. we ate alot of good food and watched alot of bad movies, played cards (sorry baptists) and well, that was about it. you cant even see the next house from thier place. i will put some photos on my flickr account this week.
easter morning there wasnt a church service nearby, so we just held our own. her mother and brother are christians, but her father isnt yet.
oh, i should explain the egg rolling- thats a german tradition (i had never heard of before) that you roll easter eggs down a hill, and the person whose egg goes the farthest without breaking wins. everyone else has to eat their egg. being a non-egg fan, i was happy to win and not have to eat mine.
yaaawwwnn well, i'm beat now, we just got in.. maybe thats why this is so confuse. so g'nite all.


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