27 March 2006

soul-care workshop

i had to translate the german word "seelsorge" that way.. its just such a funny word. in englisch we would say counseling or something. anyway, thats where i spent this past weekend. twice a year the Jesus Freaks have a training weekend for those of us who give counseling (yeah, we take this kinda stuff seriously).
it was a good weekend. especially a good time to talk and pray with friends i havent seen in awhile. i was able to think through some issues going on in brremen and really "tank" Gods peace.

back in bremen the war didnt let up, and sunday i come back into the middle of it.. the rest didnt last long.
i wish i had a fast-forward button to skip past the bad parts of life's film. but i really feel more like i am on pause right now.. going no where. or maybe things were rewound? the same battle being faught over and over and over (in surround sound)..


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