07 April 2006

new in christ

i have been hearing alot of sermons lately about the ways we changed when we came to God. i don't think i need to go into detail, most of you know the type of sermon. they are mainly written for and by people who had a life before God. i can't relate. i was really little when i came to Christ. it wasn't so much of a decision for him, but rather a realization that i have to say my commitment because there are people who dont live with Jesus. and i wanted to keep Jesus. sounds childish. it was. but i never fell away and had to "refind" him like some of my friends.. i spent all of my youth going to church and all the other christian stuff, listening to christian music, and telling my friends about God. it was a given. so now hearing these sermons the whole time, i find myself missing the other life. well, not the actions of the other life, but the moment of realization that that way of living is wrong. so i thought i would ask on here to see if some of you would share how you came to Christ, and what changed in your lives. its always encouraging to hear those kinds of stories.


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