05 April 2006

back and backsliding

monday i was standing in the bus when the driver almost hit a kid, and slammed on his breaks. i flew through about half the length of the bus, and well.. my back feels it.

one of my ex-junkies had a relapse this weekend. he had been clean for so long, and it is really hard to see how is life is on the verge of falling back apart. please pray that he will get over this hurdle and stay on track.


At 09:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh man!


At 15:03, Blogger Kelly said...

As an ex-smoker, I can never allow myself another cigarette again. It's hard to do, and it would be too dangerous to have even one.

One should never underestimate the ability to relapse from even a single moment of weakness. I quit smoking, but I will never quit liking cigarettes. That's the problem.


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