01 April 2006


so today was the pow-wow of all those crazy club members of the offen:bar christan cafe... topic was the dissent amongst coworkers and the rising conflicts it brings about. one of the main issues was the conversation i posted on already, where the head of the offen:bar really ran me down. there was no concenses, and in fact, he saw it all very loose and no-big-dealish, while claiming to hardly remember it. this was his general stand on all accusations. it was good to feel the support of the others behind me, and to realise i am not the only one who has been mistreated by his belief to must cure others of their "wrong belief." in the end, dispite the viscious comments and judgements he has made to individuals, he refused to take a stand in the meeting and say what he actually believes. the meeting ended in us disolving the current leadership team and arrangeing for a new vote for leadership in a few weeks. it was an eight hour discussion, full of emotion and alot of talk that just went around the issues. i feel like nothing was gained, and that alot of pain was revisited on all sides. i really pray that we will be able to get past this, to reach an appreciation of one another, and to move on-back-to missions work in the offen:bar. (and at some points today i really wished were were yanomamo indians and could just hit each other over the head a few times and decide it that way)


At 09:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man. Sounds terrible. Do you feel good about potential new leadership?


At 11:08, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

yeah, i guess.
we'll see. but it's going to be hard for everyone anyway.


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