27 March 2006


"'this is your calling even if you dont like it.'
'i dont think i like it,' i said. 'i'm afraid.'
'there's nothing to be afraid of.'"

this is a quote taken entirely out of context from a book about indians in the rainforest. i say taken out of context because it was said to a boy about becoming a shaman, and i was struck by it... (kelly would continue to type his thoughts on the matter for the next page.. i dont have much to say.)


At 12:28, Blogger Kelly said...

Are you suggesting I might talk about it too much? lol.

I remember reading that in that book, too. In today's democratic world, much is made of freedom of choice, and we try to spread that philosophy out into the world. Is that a good thing?

At 13:47, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

i like the book. and you are free to write a page long comment on it. it sjust that i posted really late at night and didnt feel like saying more. really, the comment says all it needs to. it seems kinda like i could be the one being spoken to... i say the first lines to myself and God answers...

At 23:46, Blogger Kelly said...

You're right, sort of, about it being taken out of context. It became his allotment, his destiny in life to fulfill that calling. While, in the book the calling was not from God, it was still a calling.

I mentioned "freedom of choice" previously to allude to the idea we have that we can choose to do what we want instead of what we are called to do. But, like the boy in the book, when God calls us, we ultimatly must listen. Furthermore, sometimes God calls us to do what we do not want to do. (see the book of Jonah for a good example)

At 23:52, Blogger Kelly said...

p.s. - Why can't there be an edit button for these comments so this doesn't have to be an extra one? (I comment too much, but I am following your own invite here. :-p)

The quote really does say what is needed to be said. I'm glad you didn't quote it with more text because that might of detracted from what you were seeing it as saying. The idea of it reminding you of God telling us to do something is cool. He doesn't always tell us what we want to hear, but we must be obedient anyways.

At 08:25, Anonymous Oscar De Lapente said...

What are you guys talking about?

At 15:41, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

the quote is taken from a book "spirit of the rainforest" by mark andrew richie. i recomend it.. its quite informative and krass.

this particular quote was towards the beginning and kinda jumped out at me.


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