07 April 2006

also dead

wow. the second sudden death in two weeks. horst isnt even barried yet (monday at 10 am) and we got word today, dass mario passed away. a friend went in to wake him up this morning at the homeless shelter and found him cold. he was another from cafe chance. i wasnt as close to him as to horst, but it still is sobering to hear. i know he was interested in God, but thats about it. horsts death is still fresh in my mind. his brother, jens, came today to the cafe. we sat and he said a bit, but mostly we just sat. there wasnt much to say. the death of his brother was a major shock.. he has fallen back to using heroin, says himself he knows it wont cure anything and that its stupid, but for the moment it works. life in the moment is the only thing most of the people i work with know. tommorrow is always an unclear concept.. in a way, thats biblical, you shouldnt put things off till tommorrow- they just have non-kindom things to do. and after such a loss, its easy to choose the wrong way- all his well meaning friends keep giving him a free hit. gee thanks. jens seemed like only a shadow of himself.. be it from the drugs or the sorrow.


At 19:43, Blogger Kelly said...

So many times I watched a certain friend of ours (whose name begins with a C) loose someone he cared about and start smoking massive amounts of Pot again. Of course, Pot is not Heroin, but he was still running to it for escape. Everytime he did, I felt helpless. I couldn't ever think of a way to say what should be so simple : "Dude, Pot won't help you, but Christ would" Or, maybe I tried, and he didn't listen. We can only say or do so much. After that, it's up to the Holy Spirit to open their hearts and minds. Christ asks us to share the gospel. We don't have the power to convert anyone. The Holy Spirit does that.

At 10:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Grief. I'm so sorry Cate.


At 10:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly!

How's it going?


At 14:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Cate~ so sorry about that! I'm praying for you and them!


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