01 May 2006

ACL Forum

i just got back from an amazing weekend. i was at the Arbeitsgemeinsschaft Christlicher Lebenshilfe Forum (working-together-community of christian life-helpers literally translated).. basically, a meeting of people doing what i do throughout germany and austria. we had four days of sermons, seminars, testimonies and togetherness. the title was "discover anew" and there was a great focus on a return to the center, to a focus on christ- in our ministry as well as in our lives. i was not too thrilled when i heard who the main speaker was supposed to be because i have a rather negative association with his church; however, it turned out to be really good to hear him speak. i think all of the input i heard was valuable, and the testimonies uplifting... but the thing that was most important to me, was to really realize, hey, i am not alone. there are soo many others out there doing the same or similar things. just being able to talk to them and not have to explain all the background info, to be able to learn from the old fighters that have been out there 40 years and the big-league guys with therepy centers, and to be caught up in the fire of those just starting out.. they invited me to apply for membership in the ACL community with my Hope House. there was alot to learn, but also alot of time to just talk, so i feel refreshed and ready for whatever the week has in store for me (and it started out krass already).


At 02:51, Blogger Kelly said...

Krass, what would membership in the ACL community mean for the Hope House? (can I even use 'krass' in that manner?) It sounds like it could be something really beneficial or cool if you were accepted. At least, I hope it would be something really beneficial and/or cool. Networking, Cate, networking.... :-p

At 04:22, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

membership would asicaly mean we are networked.. we would be on an official list of christian sub-group-workers.. every organization that is a member of ACL still maintains its complete identity and structure, ACL doesnt take any of the responsibility or decision-making. it would connect us to the others, provide information, and give us more oportunities for trainings and seminars.

(yes, thats a good use of krass)


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