02 May 2006

haus and garden

no, i don't mean grams favorite magazine. i mean my new living arangement. sunday evening i moved again- this time into a garden house on the outskirts of bremen. it's just until i can move into the hope house. the girls i was staying with had already arranged a new tennent, so i had to go, so martin offered me his garden house. you arent allowed to live in them, but for a few weeks its ok. it has a small kitchen without flowing water, a wood-burning stove, and a bio-toilet. it'll be ok for a few weeks (it kinda always was something i wanted to experience) but i will be really glad to finally move into the hope house.


At 04:41, Anonymous Lilly said...

Dear Cate!!!

Although you have to stay in the garden house now and get along with
that bio toilett ... remember its the last month, the last 30 days of that long homeless time!!!
And hey, the garden house is cool ... I mean its cool to stay there with :-) It feels like holidays with you!!! (apart from the crazy toilett).


At 19:24, Blogger Kelly said...

I think you should post pictures of this fabled bio-toilette. Obviously not in use though. That would just be scary... (not to mention disturbing and wrong)


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