08 May 2006

death again

this is the third post in a matter of weeks that deals with the death of someone here from the streets. his name was thomas, and i had spoken about him at 63.. he was an old alchoholic and the most disgusting smelling person i had ever met. he used to pray at church in front of us all the God would let him die and end his misery... (no, i do not think his death was an answered prayer, i am just trying to discribe him) he had hard a few hard knocks in life. a very intellegent man (university degree in psychology) who was left by his wife (or she died, we arent quite sure) and whose life went downhill from there. the last time i saw him was at church (he came every week, at first for dinner and then early enough to hear the service) awhile back. we were all wondering where he has been, and corken went this week to his social worker to ask. there he was told thomas drowned a few weeks ago. the social worker hadnt known of any social contacts, so we werent notified. i didnt counsel thomas myself (i did for about two weeks, then gave it up on corken) but Hans had started to counsel thomas a bit and was really concerned for him. it isnt easy for hans either, to hear how thomas died.


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