13 June 2006

visiting hasselbrock

i almost made it to holland today.
i took hans to visit the therepy center in hasselbrock on the german-holland border. dont ask me why we chose the hottest day of the year to spend in a car without AC.. anyways, it was really cool. hans was excited by it, and they offered him a place. he can start as soon as he is detoxed. its a christian therepy (of course) and he doesnt have to go through all the burocratic loops, either. also, it is a longer program.. he can stay 12 months in therepy and as long as he needs in the aftercare program.
a funny side note.. i saw this guy walk by and was like "hey- i know him! whats he doing here?" it was thorston, a guy from berlin i know. he is now living in hasselbrock! small world.

please be praying for hans, that he get into a detox clinik soon and is able to handle the pressure associated with it- physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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