09 June 2006

wedding ministry

wow- this was an awesome day!
karo and ben had their state-marriage-ceremony today and decided to celebrate it in a biblical way. we had a huge grill party and went out onto the streets and invited all the junkies and homeless to come celebrate. when none came, krumel and i went out again and spent two hours gathering the people and bringing them there. it was really cool to see the looks on the peoples faces. many thought we were joking or that they werent dressed apropriatly enough or that they were too drunk, but we reasured them all, and at the end we had twenty guests aproximately. homeless, junkies, and punks, all sitting together peacefully and celebrating the wedding of strangers. it naturally brought up the question "why" and to who we are. since the party was at the offenbar, we were able to invite them all back sunday for church. we made alot of new contacts- i only knew a third of those who came! several said they plan to come sunday, so pray that they do!


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