01 July 2006

renovating hope

this week i spent alot of time in the basement, renovating the guests apartment. man.. what a job! the bathroom looks alright now- but on the last wall i noticed that the wall was pretty wet and the paper is hanging limp.. i am avoiding tearing it all down to redo because its a lot of work and very expensive. i think the paint job i did turned out pretty good though. one of my junkies came over and helped me a bit while we had our counseling session. quite cool.

then i started in on the bedroom. i chose a great green color that should optically extend the room into the garden, making it look bigger. its also a very peacefull color. the only problem is when i started to paint, the old wallpaper came at me... as you can see in this picture.. it isnt pretty now. the walls are cement and kinda wet. it'll be a hard job to fix up!

i am kinda scared to start in on the other rooms down there because i dont want to find out they are in similar condition! if anyone has a tip for how to fix the bedroom, i'd apreciate it.


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