19 June 2006

back to my back

is there anyone left who hasn't heard about my back problem and how much torment it has caused me in the past two years? its been on most of your prayer lists for ages.. and yet, it hasn't gotten better. over the weekend in fact, it got worse. i cant explain why- i hadnt lifted anything, walked too much or had much stress. there was no real reason... but it got so bad that i needed 10 minutes to go upstairs (where the working toilette is).. even taking the pills from the hospital didnt make a dent in the pain. and i took two! so sunday i made my buckeled over way to church (slowly enough to be passed by several grandmothers and three legged dogs)

pasquine (the wife of our visiting pastor) told me empathetically about her old back problem and how she was healed miracurously after a long time of prayer... and if i was that three legged dog i would of growled. it isnt fun when you are in terrible pain to have others tell you of how they used to have it too. it doesnt feel like empathy- it feels like nany-nany-boo-boo! then she asked if she could pray for me. why not, Lord? lets say the hundredthousandth prayer and see if anything happens. it was one of those moments of little faith that show up after so many failed attempts. and as she prayed i kept thinking "yes, yes.. but faster..pray faster i cant stand up any longer.. yes healing.. but quick say amen.." (i was hanging between two cocktail tables mostly supported by my arms during this) she finally said amen, and i stood up.. all the way.. huh..odd...... odder still, when i had to go to the restroom, the steps didnt give me trouble..... by the end of the service i was able to go up front and tell everyone (who all looked very surprised to see me jump up on stage) that my back doesn't hurt. and it still doesnt, a day later. oh it doesnt feel great- it feels like i need to do some muscle building excersizes and get a nice massage (ok, so i always need a good massage...) but it definatly doesnt hurt anymore. :-D

ps- after church i stayed at the offenbar for a concert from a small christian group.. they were suposedly from canada, but the bassist was finnish and the guitarrist a texan boy. they were pretty good- called perry and the poorboys. book them. buy there cds. or something like that. they probly have a website.. yep, just looked.. i linked to it, so if you are interested, click above. just too bad they were headed away from germany. hope they come back.


At 21:48, Blogger Kelly said...

There's a lot of talk (and rightfully so) about how important it is to have faith when we ask God for something. Isn't it nice to know that He sometimes provides the faith in somebody else or doesn't require it of us at all?


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