05 July 2006

over the river and through the woods....

to the detox house he goes?

today the detox center in wehne called to say they have an opening for hans- if he can be there tommorro. i was going to drop everything and get him there, but then he told them he doesnt have a tranfer from his doctor. doh! i could of shot him when i heard that. we would have been able to go by the doctors and get one on the way. now he's been told to call again in a week. (we have been "calling again in a week" for almost two months..) to make things worse, i compared the number they called from to the "missed call" report i got sunday (i turn my cell off when i preach) and it was the same number. so now he has missed out twice. i pray God has a plan in this..

maybe its good that we arent rushing off tomorro, because then i found out tomorro is the funeral for zara [read post: unexpected death]. hans and zara were good friends, and maybe it will be good for him to go. it makes death a present theme, and often funerals are moments when people are open for a change in their own lives. i will also be going, of course, and am praying that the attending pastor/priest delivers a powerful message.


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