15 July 2006

my bed!!

saturday, finally, after two and a half months of waiting, we finally built my loft bed. well, i guess to be fair... martin built it. martin is one of the main guys that run the off:bar, the christian bar near the train station where i help out from time to time. he is the one who origionally thought about moving into the hope house with us, and also the one who employed hans last year. we got an early (for me) start at the german version of home depot.. i love hardware strores, they remind me of saturdays as a kid. my dad does alot of projects, so he took me with him alot. (hi dad! get skype and call me) i dunno why women think they are boring places... i always find something interesting.. ok, getting off subject. so then we brought all the wood and stuff home, woke up moerssl and got to work. well, actually, martin got to work, gave moerssl some instructions, and i (as much as i hate to admit this)made the lunch. but oh well. i did carry the four meter long beams around for awhile, so i did my part!! after lunch we got back to work, laid the rest of the flooring and sawed off the part that stood over. i laid the remains of my carpet up top, so that my knees won't get all scraped up. this way i have a nice little sitting area, or place where guest can sleep. i am quite happy with the result.. more than you can imagine. my room is starting to feel like my room, the house is starting to feel like my house... i sure missed this feeling! hopefully i will be able to get the rest of my room set up soon. i am sure i will bore you all with stories and pictures of each step.... the next is that i am hoping to replace the blanket hanging in front of my window with real curtains on a pole!!


At 22:28, Blogger Kelly said...

So, where's the pictures of the finished product from several different angles, eh?


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