11 July 2006

cafe chance

these are photos from cafe chance, the christian drug counselling center where i help out twice a week. its hard to get photos of the guests, so here are a few of olli and i getting ready for the evening. tuesdays and fridays the cafe is open from 7 to 9 for drug addicts to come, eat "sandwhiches" (they arent really sandwhiches, but i cant think of a better way to explain it- hard rolls with meat or chese) and pastries from the local bakery, drink coffee and tea, hear a short message, and talk to us about God, drugs, and ways out of it all. i wish i could say that we see high rates of sucess and that every day someone leaves for therepy or accepts Christ in their life.. in reality its hard to see where the battles are being won, because the guests dont share much of what is going on inside their hearts.


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