14 August 2006

wet worship

monday we were blessed by being in a town with a thermal bath... and since we all needed to shower, we decide to go in the morning for the two hour ticket. (i was invited as a bday present!) now,, germans know how to do swimming pools. this was a series of pools, each with a different advantage.. inside the normal cold one (who goes in there??) and the jacuzzi. then theres a salt water pool that you can swim from inside to outside in, with a water massage shelf. then a lazyriver that takes you between the smell-dome, the feeling-house, and the light and sound house. (anybody jealous?) the best was the light and sound tower. the tower went up about three stories and was painted completely black, with a few laser lights flashing around the walls... and an increadible echo! we ended up in there for most of the time, singing slower worship songs. at one point i went out to find someone, and realized that our song was being echoed out into the whole area! so we unintentionally involved all the guests ina spontaneous worship service!


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