07 December 2007

amazing grace

this will be a long story, but "wow" sums it up nicely. i mentioned already that there is a ywam team from figi here and that i have been going around with them all week and filming them. tonight two of the team members came with me to cafe chance.

emosi (i am guessing at spelling here) and kali and i led the devotional. emosi is a very gifted worshipper, and he played guitarre and sang, and we joined in where we could. he played for almost ten minutes, but the guests were patient and seemed to be enjoying it. he even sang one song in figian (i'd requested that). then kali preached.

i had told them it's very low key, and that they didn't need to prepare anything, it would only be a very short devotion. usually it is about five minutes long, and the guest are rather disruptive, they make jokes, talk, argue, know everything better, leave, telephone, or go to the bathroom. it is hard to keep their attention. (yes, there are some exceptions and some people who are attentive, but generally this is how it is).

so kali started talking and says, "so i won't be long. there are just a few points i want to make. and first, i want to ask you two questions. the first is, do you know that there is a heaven? and the second, if you die tonight, do you know where your spirit will go?" dead silence. cartoon-style pop out eyes. a heavyness filled the room. and he began to preach. he basically shared the whole package. he said we are born in sin, and that each of us sins everyday. that we are like dry leaved that are hanging from a tree. that sin seperates us from God. it is like a wind that blows the leaves off the brach. and that we are like little children in a big sea, who are drowning. but that God loves us. and God is just. and that is why He sent His son jesus to earth, as prophesied, to be fully man and fully God. to take our sins and die on the cross and to rise up again to heaven. that we too can be saved if we accept this. that it is like a gift, and all we have to do is take it. he said alot of times we have the knowledge in our heads, but do not do anything about it, do not let it into our hearts and accept it. but that that is what we need to do, we need to accept christ. and he asked us to take three minutes and ask ourselves that question. his challenge: do you want to accept jesus to come into your life and take your sins?

there were three long, spirit-filled minutes of total silence. and then we prayed.

he spoke for 35 minutes without any interuptions. i am pretty sure that's a first in cafe chance. and he said even more than i just related, i gave the basics. it was awesome. the guests and volunteers alike were captivated, hanging on his words. the spirit of God was present in the room, and i believe that lives were changed tonight. i am so thankfull that they were able to come with me.


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