19 December 2007

chasing shadows

in case no one noticed, i was gone awhile. i went to hamburg to see the fiji team, and found more than i expected. it was a great four days. it was a miserable four days. i am glad to be home, and i am sorry to have left hamburg.

saturday uwe (a guy from the offen:bar) took me on the train as his plus one (he has ms and gets free accompanyment). we hung out with a group of crazy punks on their way to a demonstration against the big brother state. then i made my way to the church the fiji team was staying at- which turned out to be harder than expected. we joined a team from that church on a bus that they park in st. georg, the area near the main train station where alot of prostitution and drugs is. there they pass out soup and coffee and talk with people once a week. it was pretty cool.

sunday there was a childrens musical and then we went to a club off of the reeperbahn, hamburg's most famous night life street. there are more sex clubs on that street than in most cities. the owner of one club had recently give his llife to christ, and now lets an international group of christians hold church there on sunday nights. the fijis performed, and i translated and danced too. the next day i even ran into one of the homeless guys that had been there and was able to have a cool conversation.

anyway, thats all of the official ministry stuff that went on. the rest was meeting with friends, old, older and new. i guess most of it isn't the kind of thing that can be shared in a blog in a way that would interest people. the main thing i took out of this weekend though, was the title of this post. i decided that it is time to stop chasing shadows, and came back to bremen sooner than i had planned. i want to catch a few solid forms.


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