25 December 2007

german christmas

in germany, christmas is celebrated primarily on the 24th. unfortunately, i wasn't able to upload photos until today. so here is a look at my christmas.

the freaks started out at the main train station, with muck dressed as santa. the message was "santa would not of died for your sins, but Jesus did." we passed out sandwhiches, kaffee, and gifts to the homeless and drug addicted.

some of the gifts were better than others, i'll admit.. they are things we collect over the fall. this guy turned into a ball of sunshine when he was able to take off a pair of saoked through tennis shoes and replace them with a pair of new leather boots.

the one thing i had asked God for this holiday, was to find hans again. i've written about him alot. he has been missing for a few months, and all i have heard about him in that time has been rather depressing. when we rolled up the dom, he was there.. and doing fairly well, all things considered.

after several hours walking the streets, i was glad to be able to work in the warmth of cafe chance. we set all the tables together and ate family style with the ten or so guests who came. it was a small group, but it was good. there were a few new faces, even. matthias and his wife, who also volunteer there, brought there three (young adunlt) kids to help out as well. we ended up staying open twice as long as usual.

afterwards i barely made it in time for the midnight service at the dom (cathedral) in town. i had the last seat on the last row, but it was still impressive.

on the 25th, moerssl and i made indian curry (enough for a feast), but unfortunately no one else made it. it was good, though.


At 18:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow you guys made indian! I've have yet to attempt that but your dish has inspired me to try.


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