28 April 2008

ACL Forum 08

this weekend (starting thursday) was spent at the ACL Forum, as the last weekend of april every year. it's basically a conference of/for people working as christians with the downcast of society. this year there were (only) about 60 people from 22 organisations present.

the overlying topic of the main seminars and the weekend was "meet God in the stillness." the speaker is from a christian community on the north sea, and had some great points to make. there was also a lot of time left to practice what was said- we were asked not to speak till lunch!!

the workshops this year were also pretty cool. the first day i went to "bibliodrama" which combined Bible stories, theater, and counselling... quite cool. i will be implementing it this week at street group. see how it goes! saturday we met as regions.

in the free time i had great conversations, found out alot about the other organizations, was encouraged. also, played frisbee golf and sat at the bonfire.

i feel built up, encouraged, and full of ideas... so now i should go: time to implement!


At 16:29, Blogger Alida said...

firsbee golf?? trying to imagine exactly what that is and hitting a wall

At 16:30, Blogger Alida said...

ummm frisbee even

At 01:44, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

frisbee golf is a mix of golf and frisbee ;-) you have "holes" that are actually baskets and you (throw instead of hit with club) your frisbee towards it trying to get it in in the least number of throws. there are 18 "holes" on a course.
its fun.. try it!

and alida- sooooooo good to hear from you!!! drop me a mail and lemme know whats up with you! do you aim or skype??? love ya


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