15 April 2008

pirates of the weser

this weekend was hijaked by a pirate known to many as only zadock. he sailed in on friday and demanded i hand over the richest chocoloate brownies this side of the atlantic. i managed to fight off his advances until monday, when he finally broke me down and took the brownies, sailing away again to karlsruhe..

so for anyone who is still not sure what is going on here... i have a boyfriend. his name is.. andreas and he is from karlsruhe, which is unfortunately very, very far away. (almost 6 hours on the fast train) he is a strong christian from a good family, and absolutely wonderful to me. this weekend he came up extra to take me to the production of shakespeare's "measure for measure." we also ended up at the flea market where he bought us two swords... thus why we put on bandanas and ate at the pancake ship and talked like pirates all afternoon.. (ironically we realized after the fact that we also had swords the first time he was in bremen.. but those were made of balloons..) hey, to each his own. ;-) now if i can only get him to wear my leather jacket more often...


At 05:52, Blogger Megan McMillan said...

: )

At 14:13, Anonymous Leigh said...

boyfriend and you don't even tell me in an e-mail! I feel unloved!


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