26 February 2008

broken, christmas, death

1. somebody pushed me on rialto bridge, causing me to drop my camera. its broken, so this is the only picture of me in venice. it wasn't as cold as bremen, and the fog made for a nice effect (since i had already seen the city). the girls i stayed with were also wonderful, and the food- oh, the food!
2. my christmas package arrived from murr and meg! yeah! i won't mention they sent it to my old adress after laughing at mom for sending me something to that same old adress.... it contained lotsa warm stuff, but i can't take a picture :-( i was most thrilled about some snowboarder long underwear- the tights i have been wearing were worn-out! and that kinda stuff is crazy expensive here. also i think meg knit the shall??
3. at cafe chance tonight i found out that champagne-udo died. i don't know how. he was one of my street guys.. most known for when the mayor poured a bottle of champagne on his head two years ago at a public meeting.


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