17 February 2008

weekend love and money

this week i had a visitor from berlin, stephan. he is a former drug addict and dealer who now lives for God. it was a weekend full of blessings. he was hardly in bremen and we met up with tina, a women i used to often counsel and havent seen in awhile. then on our mini-tour, we ran into hans! he is doing well (for hans) and as we got home, half the church was standing ooutside and it erupted into a spontaneous prayer meeting on the street. later on a few others from church came by to watch a cult film with us. unfortunately, stephan had to leave before church today.

this is the first of a new thing i wanna do.. love and money. just a spotlight on people and the unusual blessings they give me through the week. this weeks goes to stephan, for coming so far and insisting on buying the burgers and snacks.


At 13:26, Blogger Kelly said...

"weekend love and money"

You live across the street from a Puff...


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