26 January 2008

rules are rules

ok.. there's been an incident at the hope house.
tensions were already high with matze's disappearance this past week, and with andrea's.... well person. and it has been generally a time of tension and learning. tonight matze was supposed to take over for moerssl at 19:00 for the evening shift (i really am starting to see it more and more as shifts, since there always has to be someone home). i was at the women's night out, a bi-annual jesus freak event, and moerssl was (supposed to be) at his friend joachim's.

only matze didn't show up. he came later, shortly before i got home. apparently there was a negative interaction between the guys, after which matze shut himself into his room. moerssl waited for me to take over before leaving. i asked where had matze been, and the answer was "partying."

now, since we are a half-way house, we have rules. one of these is that no one drinks alcohol when we have guests. there is never alc allowed at the house, and with a guest there we also abstain when out. so i asked matze, and he said he'd been drinking. i threw him out. there is no other way to handle it, the rules we apply to our guest have to also be kept by us. i said he can come back tomorrow, if he's sober.

he was mad and stormed out.

so now we have a situation on our hands. andrea is still here till monday, matze may or may not be back by then. hannah is out of town. moerssl, who is never mad is rageing. so i am asking for prayer, wisdom, and understanding. we definately have a few difficult conversations ahead of us. i still think matze belongs in the house, but we need to know what is going on with him and how to deal with it..


At 13:30, Blogger Kelly said...

I think I could understand why Moerssl would be pretty angry...

Throwing him out for the night was probably the right thing to do.

At 03:44, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

yeah...too bad it didn't work.
but we had a good haus-meeting last night with umpire corcken, and i hope things will go well now..

At 07:14, Blogger Kelly said...

Umpire Corcken.

I could see it.

**makes a note to send Corcken an umpire figurine for a birthday, Christmas, easter....something next**

At 20:41, Blogger Michael Tyas said...

You are my hero. I have never thrown someone out. I've thrown someone up, but only behind their back.

At 03:09, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

how exactly do you throw someone up?? i have heard of throwing up ON someone (and yeah, done that too... smokers beware, don't blow in my face)...


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