24 January 2008

ACHTUNG: prayer works

last night i was in a funk. and moerssl was in a funk. moerssl, who is otherwise very slow to negative reactions, full of understanding, and peaceful, had been going around the house for days like a storm cloud. most of it was directed at matze, who- despite our having a guest and the cat needing to be neutered- dissapeared for almost a week. and i, (how'd you put it kelly?) was having self-destructive tendencies working themselves into a new whatever.

so he came in and we were funking at each other and with each other, and al green would of been proud, but wrong decade. so i decided hey man, lets pray and see what God'll do.

so yeah. it worked. by the end we were laughing, and both felt 20 kilo lighter.. and the night stayed good. be encouraged..


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