02 January 2008


its that time again.. where people reflect on the things that transpired in the year we left behid and turn there attentions to the one at hand. this post is a look at my goals and their outcomes. if you have been reading awhile, this might not be new, if you are new to my blog and person, it should give you an overview.

hope house goals:

1. take in at least four people.
we took in nine people. [10 if kate counts double ;-) ] but not the way i expected.. this year the hope house was more a place of rest than a place for drug recovery. the people who stayed here were mostly friends, except anita, the teenager who came here to deal with abuse issues. we also had a bigger problem with real housemates than expected; silke, kai, yeusseph all being temporary flatmates.

2. finally finish the needed renovations in the guest apartment, prayer room, bath, and guest kitchen.
we finished the guest room (although we still need a carpet for it), the bathroom, and the guest kitchen (barely! done this week). the prayer room is alright, but needs work, and we got more done on the living room than planned.

3.that we will be able to find supporters for the house project in prayer, time commitments, and financially.
no change. although more people know of the house and ask about it.. i am sure they pray.

4. that the possibility of starting an organization to manage the house be looked into and either put into action or decided against.
since our final housemates just settled in december, this hasn't been taken into action, but we did decide that we would like to go for it, and i have done preliminary research.


1. i would like to preach more often and in more venues
this year i preached three times of a scheduled four, all at the jesus freaks. i held a few smaller messages at cafe chance and Bible study, and i translated a few sermons in bremen and hamburg. goal not reached.

2. produce at least two films for television/ festivals; moreover, at least six short films for the jesus freaks services.
another failed goal. the film that i was supposed to finish this year is still in the works. and i did not make any short films for the freaks.

3. i would like to finally make it to london, to amsterdam, and back to brussels.
2/3.. with kate i was able to go to amsterdam and brussels. loved both! i didn't go to london this year, i missed the ryanair ticket at 1cent by five minutes!

4. i'd like to start the theology courses that i got from a seminary over the internet.
yes, i did several of the courses. it made me realize that what i really want to be doing is getting a masters of theology. i also listened to a few courses from berkeley, mit and duke.. its much more informative than tv, and nothing can make you so tired as listening to a proff ramble on about the indirect effects of.....zzzzzz

5. i would like to actually lead someone to christ, and see the fruit of it.
YES! 5 of the guys i work with gave their lives to Christ this year, and three others were baptised!

6. that the pressing issue be settled and that things can finally move on, in one direction or the other... and that i am ok with it.
yeah, i may not have said much about what it was, but my post from nov 5th was about this being settled.

7. that hans will finally make it this year through the detox and therepy.
no.. he tried again, but failed.

total months on the go- 4 (fast wie denn jahr davor.. krass, es kamm mir wie viel mehr vor)
number of months "benched" due to injury/ illness- 6
deaths of people i knew well- 5


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