16 January 2008

and re: A

this is an re: of the goals i set for 2008, and announcement that the first (A) has come to pass.

we want to take people in at the hope house according to our vision, and monday night we were called upon to do just that. detlev, an alcoholic whom i counsel, called to ask if we could take in a friend of his for the night. she came, and ended up asking to stay until she has to go into the hospital in about two weeks. her name is andrea and she is 41. she has an intestinal problem that i can't explain in english, and that you wouldn't want to read about anyway- trust me. of course, she is also part of the street scene. when she gets out of the hospital, she will also probably stay with us for a few weeks. we said, however, that it depends on how long she is there- the guest apartment is booked for mid march already. ;-)

so for those of you who want to know what to pray for:

andrea's health, that she will be physically able to get the things she needs to do done before going into the hospital and that there won't be any complications where we would need to call emergency medical help.

for our nerves... she talks none stop, and much like an indie film- you never know exactly what part of the story you're hearing, and then several stories are also being told simultaneously.. like a puzzle.

for support both financially (she has no money for food, and needs more heat and warm water due to her illness) and in time commitment (we need people to simply be here during the days/evenings, so that i can do other things as well and not only sit there. someone has to be home at all times and available-meaning in the living room/kitchen)

addittionaly for time, we need a woman willing to spend the weekends at the house and the two weeks post-hospital, since hannah will be home in hessen during that time.


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