24 January 2008

the Lord's land landlord

so we finally saw our landlord and his team of master craftsmen this week thursday. our walls have been drawing water and the cielling had started to leak. he arranged for all of that to be taken care of, as well as the backyard to get a new wall and gazeebo thing, to fix the front steps, and paint the basement. this is really cool, since it's taken us months to get him to come, and usually he is really negative about everything. so we are excited.

to go along well with that, matze and peter spent today putting down the wood flooring in the living room. they will (hopefully) finish tomorro. the house is looking good.


At 16:46, Blogger Michael Tyas said...


At 23:06, Blogger Kelly said...

I don't believe you. :-p

At 03:28, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

yeah, not only that.. the landlord would like to see us the house. then we could work a whole lot more officially and thus effectively.. anyone have a few hundred thousand laying around they want to donate?


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