01 February 2008

foot-loose and money-free

today i got a long awaited letter from the allianz insurance, the one in charge of jens' account... that being the guy who dropped me and caused my foot to hang loose at a 90degree angle to my leg back in the summer. they are taking over the payment of my hospital bills, and -here's the good part- paying me 1500euro for my pain! this is very convienent timing, as i am in dire need of a computer.. thats about 2,200$! [anyone wanna buy my old laptop??]


At 20:12, Blogger Michael Tyas said...


At 23:26, Blogger Kelly said...

Cate, speaking entirely from a financial perspective here (and as a computer guru), I have two pieces of advice for you:
1.) Don't buy a MacBook Air
2.) You'll get more value for your buck with a PC. Not saying you have to get one, but you'll get a better computer for what you can spend that way.

One other thing, consider a desktop. They're cheaper, and you have a monitor already...


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