11 February 2008

art karo

this weekend my friend karo was part of a large art school art exhibit. and, it being simultaneouly murray's birthday, i thought it appropriate to stop by. she was excited to sell her largest picture! the rest was alright.. i enjoyed the urban design department the most. we didn't watch the films- mostly because they were.. not really worth it. the highlight, though, was recognizing the work of armsrock (one of my favorite street artists) despite the adament karo who said this was not and could not be his (it was).

afterwards i was kidnapped by karo and ben (her husband) and treated to a home-cooked vegan meal. yummy! muck showed up as well, and we had a fun(ny) time. thie following picture is my cameras 2008.. here is the year in a shot:


At 14:15, Blogger Michael said...

I do love a food kidnapping.


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