14 February 2008

valentines and half birthday

who can be against a holiday that was created for the giving of chocolates? yeah, so it's usuallly me, but not this year... this year, i got a valentine. ok, so it isn't from a love interest, but it's still really sweet, and yeah, there was dark chocolate with chili. also a few books on jewish customs and another present- for my half birthday. so maybe as an adult the half-years aren't as important as they were when we were four... but somehow it's stuck with me. not just from the memories of box-mazes in february (which no one builds for me anymore, now that i'm grown up) but also as a symbol. on my half-birthday i now celebrate giving my life to Jesus. that's a birthday in it's own light.
so happy valetines to those of you who haven't heard it yet. and happy birthday to those of you who chose the same rebirth.


At 15:05, Blogger Michael said...

You got more than I got and gave to my boyfriend!

At 16:38, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

so i guess i shouldn't mention that's not all??
with a 10e gift certificate i got myself some very nice rose-sandalwood lotion, soap, and bathbeeds...
while out on a girl-date with my friend karo, who had invited me to a chick place for vanilla-coffee and chocolate mouse.
and then i had a telephone-date with a certain german man who will not otherwise be mentioned at this time.
but hey, at least you got a relationship.. i'm sorta-kinda still in the jumping-off-a-bridge group, as you put it..


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