01 March 2008

ambulance at 5 am

i'd been asleep for an hour when the doorbell rang. (jaja, i went to bed late ;-) )
since the front door is glass, i could see the two men in their bulky reflector-lined uniforms.. the ambulance team.

"sorry to wake you, ma'am, but does a matthias live here?" erm.. ja.. "we got a call that he was laying unconscious in the street." (eyes move past two men, to the heavy storm drenched street puddles, to the thick clouds, and back to the men) he.. uhm, he came in a bit ago.... (turning slightly.. to show them in)

i went upsatairs and found a puddle resembling my roommate drenching the armchair. i couldn't get this soggy heap to respond.. out cold. the ambulance men entered, also unable to wake him, they turned to something strong smelling. he woke up with a shock, punching and screaming.

i could give a blow-by-blow of the night, and it would make for an interesting read. there's a bit of everything in it... but i'll just give the skeletal version on the blog.

the next task was to get his wet clothes off and new dry ones on. it is still winter here, so think ice water. he wasn't able to stand alone, though, so both of the guys propped him up. then the questions. he kept hyperventalating and took five minutes to answer each question. basically, they decided he had an alcohol poisening and hypothermia. they wanted to take him to the hospital, but he wouldn't go. he was drifting in and out of consciousness.

finally, they agreed to leave him at the house if i would stay in his room. moerssl and i took care of him for over an hour, while he thrashed and screamed unitelligable words. when he finally drifted off, we rolled him onto his side in the proper manner, so that his head was supported, and placed a bucket under him. i grabbed a sleeping bag and pillow and squnched in by the wall to make sure he didn't roll onto his back. (really drunk people are in danger of throwing up while unconscious and choking to death) and so i stayed the next six hours until he was no longer passed out (but still quite drunk). then moerssl took over and i got to go to bed for a few hours. (i hadn't slept)

so, we all made it through the night.... but it was a stress. this is kinda serious, because it isn't the first issue we have had with matze since he moved in. he was kinda already on "probation" or whatever you want to call it. we feel he is right for the house and the house for him, but it is also apparent that some of his destructive tendencies haven't been curbed yet. please pray for him.. and us as a house. we are meeting monday for our house time, and will be having a rather serious conversation about friday night.


At 12:56, Blogger Michael said...

I don't know how you deal with it.

At 03:11, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

i don't know either, sometimes..


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