12 March 2008

hail in the morning

an uncommon sound shook me from my sleep this morning- a deep, rolling thunder accompanied by the insistent beating of something against the windows. in germany, it rarely does anything a texan could qualify as storm. there is never really any thunder, and if there is it is like comparing a child's bongo to a full blown drum solo at a rock concert.. (everything's bigger in texas) and lightning is one little stream of light, kinda cute.. not the purple electric sky that we used to sit on the porch and watch for hours. and the rain is.. well.. mist. it's barely heavy enough to fall, you barely notice it hitting you, and you have to look into a puddle to see if it is still falling. i tell this in so much detail, i guess, because i really love storms. they are one of the main things i miss from texas (the other being enchiladas).

so this morning, it stormed in a fascinating way. that beating at my window was hail! hail has always fascinated me even more than rain. it looks great falling, it bounces and rolls, and lays in big heaps on the ground, slowly melting. this hail was dallas sized. we never got the huge hail in dallas, the kind you see on the news that puts various categories of balls to shame. we always got the cute ice-machine sized hail, as if texas stadium decided to empty their machines from the top of reunion tower. this hail was like that- only whiter. and i lay on my loft bed, and just watched it fall, till the beautiful rhythm and whistling wind lulled me back to sleep. i have always slept best when there's a storm out.

mom and dad leave today, flying on a jet plane, to come see me. they will be here until easter saturday. but i am sure i will share morre about that during the week. but mom, if you read this in time, pack a few stormy texas nights for me, ok?


At 18:49, Blogger Murray said...

I miss those storms too

At 14:43, Anonymous Kate said...

Enjoy your week with your rents!

At 11:40, Blogger jonseabourn said...

hello from highland church in dallas! you should get my email address from this...would you mind emailing me so i can get in touch with you via email? thanks so much!

we just had a round of storms come through...no hail, but plenty of thunder and rain! makes for good sleep :)

jonathan seabourn

At 18:20, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

hi jonathan..
it didnt send me your email adress. but you can reach me per email at my first name atsign jesusfreaks-bremen.de


At 14:01, Blogger Kelly said...

You miss enchiladas and thunder storms...

Do we at least get an honorable mention???


At 14:57, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

i'm in denial of your not being in germany..

At 15:03, Blogger Kelly said...

So you don't miss us?


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