24 April 2008

people news

hans showed up again on sunday. i guess that's a good thing... but the things he shared with me about his current situation were not as good. and he hurt my feelings with some of it.

willi stopped me on the street yesturday, drunk and drugged. he said a lot that made no sense.. but he also said i am one of the few people he can look up to.

peter is still in the hospital, but when we visited yesturday he was laughing and thinks he will be out in a week or so.

marty is moving in to the hope house for a month. he's 19.

detlev is still on the logos hope and doing well.

dirk asked me for the first time in three and a half years about getting him into therepy.

cate is going to a conference. then she has to try and renew her visa.


At 08:26, Blogger Kelly said...

haha! Cate has to renew her Visa...

I hope Hans will be ok...


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