19 May 2008

on the long road

that was the theme of this weekend. not only because the counselling seminar i went to was in hessen (three hours train and5 hours car away). we learnt about dealing with people who come to us for long-term therepy and about what we need personally for the long haul in our calling. the information wasn't necessarily new, but it was stuff that usually isn't spoken out. the highlights were nobby's (my favorite preacher of all times) lecture saturday and the small groups.

small groups are a time where new counsellors get the chance to "spy" on experienced counsellors giving a session, with a very experienced counsellor doing supervision. this time my group was all experienced, which was cool. they voted me into the role of counselee. since the theme was long-term issues, i brought up the problems of my foot and it's effect on my ministry and psyche. it was a pretty cool session.

sunday to get home i rode wth manuel from saxony.. he is living in a bus doing the kind of convoy thing i did a few years ago. he didn't kn ow where to go next, so i suggested bremen. he is a gothic christian and will be here till thursday- when i go to meet murray and meg and andreas in berlin!


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