29 October 2008

mark your calenders

i am going to be in dallas for christmas! yup, from december 13thish to 29th. and, as an added bonus, i will be traveling with my own personal bodyguard ;-) so, if anyone is interested in getting together, we should. leave a comment or email me.

my guy was here for the weekend + because tuesday was his 35th birthday. i say the age simply to make him mad. he thinks he is old. whatever. it was a good time. i made an ameretto chocolate marble cheesecake (first try!) that turned out very well. and since he got his real present a few months ago (a patchwork quilt i made) this is what he got now:

yes, there is an insider story behind it..


At 12:28, Blogger Kelly said...

it's because one of your first dates involved pirating and treasure, right? Right!??!

At 17:54, Blogger Jonathan said...

please stay in contact during your stay in dallas...we would like to hear from you at HBC, and personally it would be fun to get together to hear more about your ministry in Bremen!

At 06:21, Blogger Megan McMillan said...

hooray! we're glad it's gonna be the whole fam in dallas for christmas : )

At 10:39, Blogger cate mcmillan said...

hey jonathan..
you should open your profile up to the public.. with such a common name it'd be helpful to know a bit clearer who you are ;-)


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